Don’t Back Down

Wont-Back-Down600I’ve never been surfing (though I’m a big fan of Brian Wilson songs), but that image of a surfer poised on a cresting wave is extremely powerful to me. That’s how I picture a life on path, the life you’re meant to lead. When done right, the surfer makes it look effortless. I know it takes putting yourself in the right place, choosing your moment, standing up on shaky ground, and staying focused and balanced. But catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world, with all the energy of the ocean giving you power. Veer off track and the waves come crashing down on you. Blue crush.

So therefore, if I’m struggling then I’m trying to surf in the breakers. I’m tossed and thrown by the waves of circumstance. It’s impossible to succeed because I’m not where I’m supposed to be. My pattern has been to do it with jobs. I often settled for something that didn’t suit me but seemed easy. That ease disappears quickly when the job gets boring and you have to drag yourself to it. If you don’t swim out far enough or you never pick the wave to ride you never get to shoot the curl.

What in your life feels like a constant struggle? What perspective shift might you get if you paddled out a little further and looked at the crashing waves from the other side? Are you watching and yearning from the shore, or out in the calm sea never choosing to take that ride? What would get you to go for it? You know that in the long run it’s easier than resisting. Don’t back down from that wave.

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